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Thank you for visiting my website.  On these pages I've shared some of my life experiences and stories that might be helpful to anyone who has experienced discouragement, disappointment, or loss.  My experience as an Adult Survivor of Child Abuse has been the catalyst for this website, and I hope that anyone struggling with hurts of the past will find encouragement here.  Partners, spouses, friends and relatives who want to be supportive of a loved one may find some insights, too.  

I took the photo of this beautiful yellow flower that was growing on bushes in the Sonoran Desert, a place that does get some rain, but, it is still a dry, desert place.  I was surprised to see the many blossoms and blooms growing on trees and bushes, alongside prickly and sharp-needled cacti.  The beauty was unexpected, but there it was!

Wherever you are on your journey,

may you never lose hope,

may you find a song that fills your heart,

and may you find unexpected beauty, even in the desert places.

Blessings to you,

Shirley Myers


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My Story ...some background 

My Hope..for the journey

My Song...as life's tapestry

My Travels...as growth

I dedicate these pages to the honor and memory

of two strong women - 

my Grandmother, Helena (who died giving birth)

and my Mother, Sonja (who was orphaned as a young girl).  


 the Sonoran Desert.  .


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